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Passenger & Home Elevator has flexible and diverse car designs which can
integrate with multiple buildings. It can especially satisfy the continuously increasing
requirements from medium and high rise constructions. It is a most ideal choice for the
hotel, restaurant, office building, commercial and resential building, recreation center,

The medical care infrastructure is increasing day by day. Hospitals are facing emergencies every now and then. Shifting of patients to operation theater or post operative wards always
demands less time for commutation. Nobilis Vertical transportation system for hospitals have special features such as smooth and jerk less traveling, economically low power consumption, smooth and comfortable travel, accurate stoppage, emergency control features and above all, reliability with safety.
The car dimensions are as per the Indian Standard requirements for Hospital lifts. The sturdy floors and interiors ensure convenience and longevity. Additionally, large number of people can board the elevator simultaneously.
The hospital elevator is built using a robust structural steel frame, solid sheet metal side panels and metal top. Vertical side panels, full height, are fabricated from steel and are externally bolted to provide full interior surface with ideal strength and rigidity. It is provided



Nobilis Hydraulic Elevator is a most simply compact and adaptable. The flexibility in design
allow to install passenger hydro in a very complicated situations. Hydraulic Elevators have
been rated the safest option for home elevators. They boast superb user friendliness and
easy access machine room located at the basement. Once they are put in place,
hydraulic elevators provide the smoothest rides possible.



Nobilis goods elevators are powerful hoisting machines designed specifically to move freight. Available in various capacities ranging from 500 kg. To 7000 kg, their customization depends upon the customer’s requirements. Durable enough to cope with rough treatment, while also being a smooth ride to handle any fragile loads, our elevators also
provide leveling accuracy that makes it easy to load and unload goods. With wide doors that maximize the usage of space in the car, we also offer a variety of door options available such as collapsible gates, automatic doors, double swing doors etc.
We’ve equipped our elevators with a great-load bearing capacity to meet a wide range of requirements – which means it fits as good in a warehouse as it does in a shopping complex .

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  • 365 Days Breakdown Services
  • 24Hours Help line for Registering Complaints.
  • Special Emergency Service* for 24 hours.
  • Special Designed Yearly Maintenance Program for every kind of elevator that helps to keep the elevator in smooth and safe operating condition.
  • Monthly Servicing as per the designed maintenance
    program by the qualified and experienced technical maintenance staff.
  • Computerized record maintenance of every breakdown
    request that allows us to figure out recurring faults- if any. proactive measures are taken by the expert in such special cases.
  • Fully equipped material store with genuine spare parts and latest tools that facilitates prompt response to any breakdown request.
  • Team of technicians is provided with vehicles to ensure the speedy commute to customer site

It is not only mandatory by Govt. Lift Department, but also essential for your own safety and convinience, to have the AMC of your lifts from qualified elevator contractors.
Nobilis AMC’s are designed to meet every customer’s need in cost effective manner. Our trained and appropriately skilled personnel will regularly examine, lubricate and clean the machine, motor, controller, bearings, guides and if required, make minor adjustments, to ensure smooth and safe operation of elevator.
Apart from routine check-ups, emergency breakdown services are scheduled.