Capsule Elevators

Nobilis Panoramic Elevator is backed by the advanced control technology, applying fully digital vector variable frequency drive technology and matching with the noble and enchanted Indian decorative style, When the evening falls, in the background of the neon lights, up-and-down panoramic elevators becomes a flowing scenery in the urban city. At the same time, it wonderfully deducts the design concepts of “safety, smooth, attraction, harmony“. This serial goods can be extensively used in shopping centers, high-grade office buildings and other important public constructions. 

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High-level Performance

Enjoy the faster and smoother ride. The new developments in traction media and control systems give you not only more speed, but also let you handle more passengers and goods providing optimal ride quality

Space Configurability

Configure the dimensions and technology of your elevator to best meet the requirements of your application.

LED Light

A selection of different lighting options lets you add the right atmosphere to your elevator — from warm spot tight to ambient indirect lighting. You can either choose from one of the lighting solutions that comes with our interior designs or you can opt for a custom solution.

Hand Rails

Even though your elevator travels smoothly, handrails convey a feeling of security. Stainless steel handrails match the interior and shapes of your car and can be mounted to the side and rear walls. Illuminated handrails and skirting enhance the overall ambiance of the car as well